A look at what our DPG chapters have done for their communities

November 15, 2019

One of the ways our DPG represents Stantec is through volunteering, raising money, donating goods and services, and being present in the communities they live and work


What is a Developing Professionals Group (DPG)? It’s a place where likeminded coworkers create connecting opportunities through events and volunteering. At Stantec, we have DPG chapters all over the globe. Though diverse in location, our chapters all have something in common—they enjoy spending time in their communities giving back. 

The groups all have something in common—the people in them involved enjoy spending time in their communities giving back.

Wellington, New Zealand

In Wellington, employees have signed up to assist with the Wonder Project. This project is run by Engineering New Zealand and is a free program for schools designed to get young Kiwis excited about STEM. There are three programs that target different age groups: Rocket Challenge, Community Challenge, and STEM Careers. Our Stantec volunteers helped with the Rocket Challenge where students aged 8-13 worked with teachers and volunteers to design, build, and launch a water rocket. Here, you can see Stantec employee Athul Harris talk about the Rocket Challenge.

Houston, Texas

A few employees from our Houston chapter got together to participate in the City of Houston’s 26th Annual WaterWorks Festival. This festival is designed to be fun and educational, with exhibits and water related activities hosted by Houston Water, one of our clients. 

For our exhibit, we designed and built a simple display to show kids how fats, oils, grease, wipes, and trash mess up sanitary sewer piping. It was a great morning helping support one of Stantec’s clients while also educating the community about one of the industries we work in.



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Volunteers from the Riyadh KSA Stantec DPG team spent time serving their community in the cleanup of the historical Wadi Hanifah Historical Valley. The team arrived on site bright and early to greet and surprise the park’s cleaning crew. They managed to clean up the park and valley area by filling 24 trash bags in only a few hours.

Edmonton, Alberta

Recently, the Edmonton DPG hosted an event called Art with Heart. The event format was a silent auction for art, but instead of bidding money, staff members bid volunteer time. Each winning bidder got to choose a non-profit organization to volunteer at and has 12 months to fulfill their commitment. Upon proof of completion, they get their art piece. An overwhelming 285 volunteer hours were raised, making it a great success. 

Chicago, Illinois

A group of DPG members from Chicago offices participated in the Chicago Canstruction competition where they built a huge sculpture made from cans of food in the shape of Jack Skellington—aptly named Jack Skelling-Can—from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Once the competition is complete, the canned food is then donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. An added bonus—Jack Skelling-Can won the People’s Choice Award!



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia chapter, accompanied by members from their neighboring West Chester, PA, and Mt. Laurel, NJ offices, went outdoors to volunteer with the Major League Baseball team, Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies have a sustainability program called Red Goes Green, which promotes and encourages a clean environment. Our Stantec volunteers were tasked with collecting recyclable plastic and aluminum bottles during one of the home games this past season. Not only did they have a ton of fun, they were proud to make their community a little bit greener and cleaner.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minneapolis DPG partnered with People Serving People to serve breakfast. This organization is the region’s largest and most comprehensive family-focused homeless shelter in Minneapolis. Our team volunteered to serve breakfast to the families at the shelter, and to clean-up afterward. Afterwards, they toured the facility to understand more about their variety of services. 

Pune, India

In August, there were floods that hit the districts of Kolhapur and Sangli, which are close to the city of Pune—Sangli was completely marooned. Many volunteer groups and NGO’s came forward to help people by supplying food grains, medical supplies, clothing, etc. At the Stantec Pune office, the DPG asked employees to come forward and contribute to this cause. Seeing that people were in need, an overwhelming response and a contribution was made. With the help of our volunteers, 3000+ notebooks, 300+ geometry boxes, and 250+ packs of sanitary napkins were gathered.

Stantec volunteers reached out to six separate schools in the Sangli district to distribute all these donations to the students in need.

Learn more about our Developing Professionals Group (DPG) at Stantec.

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