Q&A: DPG team bonding weekend from the Netherlands to Belgium - Romy Stijsiger

August 22, 2019

Romy Stijsiger shares with us what it’s like being part of a DPG, and how it’s shaped the way she views her place in the company


Two of our Developing Professionals Group (DPG) pillars are to connect with peers and to connect with professional development opportunities. Our Dutch DPG team decided to blend these together and orchestrated a team bonding weekend away to Brussels to meet the operation there, learn about the work they do in international development and to get to know each other a bit better. Romy was a part of this lucky bunch who ventured to Brussels—read on as she shares with us what it’s like being part of a DPG, and how it’s shaped her view of her place in the company:

So, how did you get involved with the DPG? What made you want to join?

I started working at Stantec in April 2018 and right away got connected into the DPG. After a couple of months, they invited me to Brussels to meet the people in the office there. I thought, “why not!”. Our office focuses mostly on soil and engineering work, and I wanted to learn more about what people do in other offices—theirs works with the European Commission a lot, and I found that interesting. 

Six months later, there was a spot open on the DPG board and a coworker suggested I join it. Before I knew it, I was a board member!

What was the trip to Brussels for like?

It was really cool. When we got there, we went straight to the office in La Hulpe and got to meet the local team. The day started off with a presentation on what they do there, and then we got to share what our offices in the Netherlands do. The day was really based around sharing—talking about our primary customers, things we do differently, similarly, all sorts of things. 

What’s it like being a part of the DPG?

Being part of the DPG open doors—it gets you to talk to people you never would have a reason to otherwise. In the Netherlands office, we tend to stick more to our group and not know what the rest of the company is doing. Now, I get to talk to people at all levels of management and arrange things for people I would never have met otherwise. I feel more connected to what Stantec actually does worldwide. 

What would you tell other young professionals about why they should join?

It’s fun! It’s a nice way to do things other than just your day to day job—it shakes things up a bit and gives you the opportunity to be a part of things that you think are interesting and valuable. For example, my office does a ton of research on soils. We send out our soil samples to labs and never know what they actually do with it. So, our DPG arranged to send a group to see it in person, and we got to see exactly how it’s tested; the full project lifecycle. It gave our work a lot more context and was a great way to connect with people in the company. 

How has being part of the DPG influenced your career?

It has made me more invested in the work I do, but now I also realize there are other sides to it. When you, as an employee look at things, you view it in a smaller scope. DPGs give you an understanding of why things are arranged a certain way—they give you a more holistic view of your place in the company—they paint a picture. 

Take a peek at this fun weekend away by checking out this Facebook album.

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