Published by CBC: How my maternity leave has built me into a better engineer

February 25, 2020 Afaf Azzouz

Afaf Azzouz writes about her amazing yet difficult year, and how she'll be bringing new skills back to the office


What can you learn from a big transition in your career and your life? Can your maternity leave make you a better engineer? Afaf Azzouz, buildings energy specialist, recently wrote about the lessons she learned from becoming a mother, and what she’ll bring back to her job. 

Read about how she’s discovering her “mom-gineer" identity in this first-person piece for CBC

Afaf Azzouz says the last year has been difficult, but motherhood will make her a better engineer. (photo by Lynn Macrae)


About the Author

Afaf Azzouz

Afaf Azzouz is a buildings energy specialist with our Energy and Mechanical Engineering group in Ottawa, Ontario. One of Afaf's key projects was her involvement in the life cycle assessment for the zero-carbon building evolv1—the first building to be certified under the CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard.

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